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Having hard time making new friends?
Make real connections by sharing stories.

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miniDot provides daily prompts to
nudge you into writing stories to get matches.

This is not another dating app for random hookups
but a great one to make real connections with new friends.

Why sharing stories?

"Sharing personal stories with others often engenders strong emphatic and emotional responses, bring closer the interlocutors through their reciprocal exchanges of thoughts, feelings and needs."

The Autobiographical Self in Time and Culture
Reading stories, not selfies

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You are what you write.

Make yourself awesome by expressing your
thoughts and feelings rather than a boring profile.


Like and follow to get matches.

Like and follow can produce deeper and more meaningful connections with others.


Real connections are being made.

Real connections start with similar attitudes,values and beliefs, that's why matches on miniDot can always lead to actual conversations.

A game-changer for friend-making apps

No more large selfies or swipe games.

Pay a little time to reflect yourself everyday and share stories.
Your stories can not only connect your life but bring new friends.

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Our Advantages

miniDot brings a brand new experience to friend-making games.

Perfect Distance

Only people who like or follow each other
can chat, no scams, bots and harassment.

Interesting Daily Prompts

Thought-provoking prompts nudges you
into writing stories to connect with new friends.

Comment-free Story

Write whatever you please,
no comments can bother you anymore.

Great User Experience

Our team had 3 apps featured
by App Store in a row, best quality served.

Minimal but Beautiful Platform

Minimal design makes your stories shine, no more selfies or swipe games.

Effective Matches

Your stories are the best conversation
starters and conversations can't be so easily.